Top 5 products you can’t go camping without

campingIf you are a camping enthusiast, you must be well aware that there are a number of items you must have for a great camping experience. This article seeks to provide you with the top 5 products you can’t go camping without. This means that whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, or just want to explore nature at its best, you must have these products.

  1. Make sure you take along gadgets that are easily portable alongside rechargeable batteries. Three of the most crucial gadgets you do not want to forget are your cell phone, your GPS locator as well as your flashlight. Your cellphone will allow you to communicate with your loved ones, while the GPS locater will assist you navigate your route. The importance of the flashlight cannot be underestimated as it comes in handy when you need to check for anything especially after dusk. In line with these gadgets, make sure that you get rechargeable batteries, preferably solar powered ones as it may be tricky to get a power outlet.
  2. It is imperative that you carry an insect repellent with you whenever you go camping. Whether it is in ointment form or spray form, the repellent will protect you from the effects of bug bites. This is especially important if you decide to go camping with your kids. A first aid kit will also come in handy. Check that you have medication for common accidents such as insect bites, cuts, bruises among others. You may also want to carry medication for headaches and stomach upsets to ensure that your camping experience is enjoyable.
  3. Make sure that you carry garbage bags whenever you go camping. The advantage of using these bags is that you not only ensure that the environment remains clean, but you also have the option of using it as, say a tent? Yes, a tent. If you get lost in the woods, always make sure to have a garbage bag as you could always tear it and tie it to trees to create a faux tent.  in case the weather suddenly changes and you are caught up in the rain, simply create a tiny hole at the end of the bag and place it over your head so you remain warm and dry.
  4. A Swiss knife is a must have when you go camping. Famed for its versatility, it has become one of the most important products anyone could own. The simple reason for this is that it has multiple functions. It has a pair of scissors which is ideal for cutting needs (and these are many when you go camping), a blade that can cut through food, fabric, cans etc., tweezers which are used to remove splinters and a key ring.

Lastly, ensure that you have a proper backpack as this is where you will get to put all your camping items. For first timers, this is tricky sometimes. A little practice will go a long way to help you in backpacking. for more tips on camping visit

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