5 Little Things You Should Not Go Camping Without

fire-434157_640People in the UK love to go camping especially when the warm summer days come. Some go on camping even when it’s cold. Camping is seen as a form of a recreational activity or a way to relax and escape the noisy and polluted city. There are a lot of things you need to bring to go on camping, because some camping sites are really far from the city. As much as you want to, sometimes you want to bring your whole house just to make sure that you have all the things that you need to survive in the wilderness, but you can’t. There are camping sites that would require you to walk a few miles and you do not want to end up tired and exhausted in the middle of the hike because of your huge bag.

So, here are 5 little things you really have to bring in your camping trip:

1. First Aid Kit

No, you do not have to bring that huge medicine cabinet of yours. Most camping stores have a compact and easy to carry but complete first aid kits. There are no hospitals or clinics in the wilderness, some camping sites have medical representatives but you can never be too sure. Your first aid kit should contain at least the following: gauze or bandage, cotton, disinfectant or antiseptic solutions or wipes, non latex gloves, thermometer, tweezers and medicines such as: pain reliever, medicine for allergies, antibiotics and if you have a list of medicines you constantly need to take, make sure to bring these along as well. Include a bug spray in your first aid kit as well.

2. Maps And Compass

Good old handy and traditional maps and compass are still a must bring when camping. Do not be contented with the thought of just having your GPS (Global Positioning System) in your phone or any gadget because some areas no longer have signal foot this type of technology. You should not only bring  maps and compass, you should also know how to use it of course. These navigating materials are light and easy to carry, they do not need a wide space in your bag so bring it along with you.

3. Flashlight

You should always have a source of light wherever you go. There are things that you have to do that requires light. You should also bring extra battery packs for back up. It is hard to move in a dark place most especially in the woods. Light can sometimes scare off wild and dangerous animals which will always be present in the woods.

4. Pack Of Matches

Fire have numerous benefits for campers such as: cooking meals, keeping them warm and just like the flashlight, it can ward off animals. Unless you are an expert camper and have actually experienced creating fire with sticks then you must not risk going camping without a bulk of matches. You do not want to end up eating cold or raw food or shivering in the middle of night just because you forgot it bring a match. Do not risk it and make it the first to be packed inside your bag.

5. Pocket Knife

This is the last thing that you do not want to forget when going camping. Also known as the Swiss Army Knife, nothing will ever be as complete with essential tools like a pocket knife. Bringing one will make your life in the woods a little easier. The most common features of a Swiss Army Knife are: main blade, smaller second blade, scissors, saw, tweezers, toothpick, corkscrew, can and bottle opener, flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers, file, reamer, hook, hex wrench, pliers, compass, gimlet, magnifying glass, ruler, ballpoint pen and kiering. It’s like bringing your whole toolbox at home but only in a size that can easily fit into your pocket. Some Swiss Army Knife have new technological features such as: USB flash drives, digital clock, digital limiter, LED light, laser pointer and MP3 player. You can never go wrong in bringing a pocket knife with you on your nest camping trip.

Camping is relaxing and challenging at the same time but if you go unprepared and have forgotten a lot of essential things to bring then you might just end up more stressed out than relaxed. It is good to prepare for trips like this because you will never know what might happen in the wilderness.


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